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The Sustainable Group presents a smart, self-sustained infrastructure for climate-ready cite. Our villages combines community life style and technology at an affordable price. The systems are managed by a unique IA software named FISSI. This software maximize resource-efficiency related to energy, water, food and sanitation. So it reduces living costs by up to 30%.

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Our control software is the brain that manages all elements. It uses AI abilities and complected algorithms for maximal optimization of resources. So,by learning the patterns of residents and their systems, it creates an economical safety net for communities. It does so by reducing the living cost by up to 30%. Interested to learn more? […]

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  First in the world self-sustained neighborhood in Mitzpe Ramon,Israel. A complex of 200 apartments and villas, built in the most advanced green construction methods. Qayma houses will be sold at 1-1.4 M NIS per 90-140 m^2. Deducing monthly savings from a 1.2 M house mortgage, brings the effective price to 0.86 M NIS. click […]

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2 more billion people will be living on this planet by 2050. Population growth creates a global resource challenge -according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), by 2050 there will be a need for 80% more energy, 55% more water and 60% more food to sustain global population Our communities can eliminate thousands of […]

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