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The sustainable group is proud to be Israeli candidate for the Chivas Ventures competition, Social Impact startups. Voting will take place from April 9-30. Winners could win 1 Million $ – No strings attached! ———VOTE FOR US!———

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The Sustainable Group presents a new standard in high-quality sustainable living. A turn-key solution providing communities with with water, food, energy and waste solutions all year round. Village-in-a-box provides sustainable housing, supported by 100% renewable and decentralized infrastructure. We grow food using vertical farming and hydroponics, implement full water recycling and provide waste-to-energy systems.

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Our control software is the brain that manages all elements. Itutilizes AI capabilities and genetic algorithms for maximaloptimization. By learning the patterns of residents and systems, it allows an existential and economical safety net for communities.

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A 200-houses project in Mitzpe Ramon, located in Israel’s Negev desert, on a land we already secured. Come live in technological, ecological and communal neighborhood. Negative carbon community, with reduced cost of living. Starting Cconstruction starts in 2020. ———JOIN US @QAYMA!———

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Each community can eliminate thousands of tons of CO2 emission peryear, while supplying water, food, energy security, jobs and reduction in cost of living or its residents.  

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We gathered the best Israeli infrastructure experts to develop this model. All members come with decades of experience and thrill to make a difference. A multi-disciplenary team of superb Engineering, construction, community, regulation, physics and economics.

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